About us


    We are located in Beautiful Doral, FL and have over 20+ years of Customs Brokers experience with Customs Clearance, Classification and the complete Entry process. We specialize in time-sensitive all type cargo (except Live Animals or Plants)  In addition to US Customs / CBP, we work closely with U.S. Fish and Wildlife, USDA / APHIS, CDC, ATF, FCC,FDA, TSCA, EPA, LACEY ACT, DOT, and other government agencies.

   We are available for overtime and after hour shipments. We offer competitive pricing. Formal Entries, ISF filings, Transfers, Bonds, Inspections, Protests, Permit applications and licensing. Our company is highly experienced in: Vehicles, Vessels, Airplanes, Antiques, Jewelry, Watches, Hunting Trophies, High Value Merchandise, Furniture, Seafood, Tile & Flooring, Medical /Dental equipment and instrument, Pharmaceutical Products, Textile, Personal Effects, Warehouse entries, Antidumping and Countervailing entries, Remote Entries, TIB entries , Passenger Hand carrier baggage entries, Electronic QP in-bond in transit, Ruling Letters, FDA registrations, Drawbacks.

We have a national permit to remote entries and QP In Bond/In - transit entries in all over USA , including Alaska , Hawaii , and Puerto Rico , involving the inland trucking for final destination . Our one stop customs Brokerage professionals are dedicated to manage your goods from start to finish so you can focus on your business .

We make it our it our business to gain a deep understanding of your business and tailor our services to fully meet your individual needs.

We offer consistent compliant release and entry of your goods with CBP, determination of taxes and duties owed , facilitation of your payments to the U .S. government thru ACH , filing duty drawback and processing of claims . Our dedicated team of compliance experts will interact with other government departments (FDA, FCC, EPA, DOT, Fish and Wildlife, USDA, APHIS etc....) On your behalf so you can have fast, seamless clearance of your goods , every single time.